Affordable Rental of Pierce County

Free, searchable, real-time, detailed listings of affordable places to rent in Pierce County. The site includes helpful advanced search tools to narrow your search with options such as: "Will this property consider persons with general criminal history/misdemeanor?" or "Will this property consider persons with a felony?" ARPC is a collaboration between landlords, property managers, renters and several social service agencies including MDC, Pierce County Housing Authority, Associated Ministries, Pierce County Community Connections and Building Changes. ARPC strives to match landlords and renters, filling units that would otherwise remain vacant.
HousingSearchNW:Same service as above; but, includes all of Washington State

Are you Ready To Rent?

September 2017 update: Ready to Rent WAS a free preparatory skills class for any individual who finds that they are having a hard time obtaining housing due to poor credit, criminal history, prior evictions, etc.
This program no longer operates in Pierce County, please contact us if you know of an alternative program that offers similar services.

Reentry Housing in Pierce County (updated 2014)

Updated February 2014
Please contact New Connections at if you find discrepancies or more current information

Housing for People with Felonies

Services: A resource provided by Tacoma Pierce County Affordable Housing Consortium, a nonprofit organization of 56 housing providers, lenders, and other stakeholders who work in Pierce County to provide a unified voice for affordable housing in our community.

Metropolitan Development Council (MDC)

Contact: 253 597-6728; 721 S. Fawcett, Suite 201 Tacoma, WA 98402.
Services: Housing resources directed toward low-income, senior, and disabled residents
Agency Description: A non-profit Community Action Partnership founded in 1964 with a mission to develop innovative programs that promote self-sufficiency and remove individuals and families from poverty.
MDC’s housing programs:

NW Furniture Bank

Services: Gently used furniture and household items provided to families at or below the poverty level struggling with fire, flood, job loss, domestic violence relocation, foster child ageing out, or someone moving from transitional housing. Works on a referral basis only serving families in Pierce County. Only pre-approved organizations or social service agency partners may submit furniture requests [referrals] on behalf of individuals or families needing assistance. Check website for current approved agencies.

Housing Resource Guide for Individuals & Families

PDF Resource guide provided by DSHS

Pioneer Human Services

Contact: 206.624.0082 or
Services: Pioneer Human Services offers support and stability for individuals and families searching for a place to call home. PHS owns and operates more than 800 housing units in King, Pierce, Skagit, Spokane and Whatcom counties and offers an array of transitional and permanent housing options.